What is on-page SEO and why is it important for my business? — Credo

What is on-page SEO?

  • Not knowing where to start with on-page SEO
  • Not knowing who to listen to
  • Not knowing how to prioritize on-page SEO
  • What on-page SEO is
  • How to audit your website pages so you can improve them
  • How proper on-page SEO can minimize the need for backlinks and other activities
  • Meta tags. Every page on your site (except for maybe your About and Terms and Conditions pages) should have unique titles and meta description values that are informed by keyword research and then other content on the pages written around the target keyword phrase for that page.
  • Headings and subheadings. I come from a web development and writing background, which means that I always prioritize proper heading structure. Start with your H1 as your page’s title containing your main keyword phrase, then as you work down the page using H2s for main headings, H3s for subheadings, and so on. This helps the search engines determine the main points and focus of your page.
  • On-page content. The written content on your page should be addressing the main topic at hand, and be written naturally. To give yourself a better chance at ranking, do some research around topics related to your main topic to understand what you should mention on the page to help search engines deduce the topic you are talking about. For example, would you mention credit cards without mentioning Visa or Mastercard?
  • Vary your content. Multiple studies over the years have shown that pages with content containing lists, headings, images, and more rank better than pages with just text. Also, pages with only videos embedded usually do not rank well, so consider adding transcripts and other types of media to these pages.
  • Internal links. Search engines discover your site’s content through links, both internal and external. It’s easiest to control your internal links, so work to prioritize your most important pages with internal links from other pages and ideally your main navigation where it makes sense. The closer you can bring these to your homepage via links, the better.



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John Doherty

John Doherty


Founder & CEO of Credo (getcredo.com). Veteran digital marketer in Denver. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Skier. Other sites: johnfdoherty.com and singlegeared.com