The Top SEO Ranking Factors — Credo

  1. Guide to hiring a marketing firm
  2. SEMrush (free 14 day trial here)
  3. Screaming Frog
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Sitebulb


Frustrations and challenges


  1. Rank your website better in search engines
  2. Ignore a lot of noise online around SEO because you know better
  3. Spend more time focusing on the things that matter and less on those that don’t
  1. A crawlable website that loads quickly. It used to be really expensive to create and launch and maintain a website, but that’s no longer the case with common and effective platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.
  2. Keyword targeted pages. By doing keyword research using tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, you can identify and then create pages around keywords relevant to your business that can rank and convert visitors to customers or leads.
  3. Links from relevant websites back to your website. Links are still one of the strongest ranking factors.
  4. Solid technical SEO including clean XML sitemaps, minimizing 404 errors on the site especially those with inbound links, and controlling duplicate content issues.
  1. Keyword targeted pages on your site
  2. Links from relevant websites back to y ours
  3. Solid technical SEO foundation to help with crawling and indexing



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John Doherty

John Doherty


Founder & CEO of Credo ( Veteran digital marketer in Denver. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Skier. Other sites: and