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Pay To Play, The Right Way

Gone are the days of setting up an Amazon shop and selling items with ease. And that’s absolutely by design.

Establish the Fundamentals Before Asking Questions

Before asking questions about your Amazon partner, it’s important to be aware of your own business first.

  • Have a clear understanding of what your business goals are, and how digital marketing ties into them.
  • What Amazon services you’re interested in (ie. Amazon SEO, PPC, Reviews, or Fulfillment by Amazon, more on that below).
  • And of course, what your ad spend budget is.

Question 1: What’s Your Pricing Model?

It’s critical to find a partner who can align your business’ interests and budget with their services. We delve into the subject of how to hire a digital agency, and associated pricing structures, in more depth here.

Three typical pricing models used by agencies:

Most agencies use the latter model, either for a fixed period or on an open-ended retainer.

  • Experience: Tried-and-tested companies often come with decades of experience in digital marketing. All that peace of mind comes with higher costs.
  • Agency tech: Agencies often use advanced tools to analyze markets and to better craft high-performance strategies. All these tools come at a cost, which further raises the ceiling for price models.

Other important considerations:

  • Does their pricing model offer flexibility?
  • Does it scale accurately with bandwidth and client success?
  • Are they transparent about their pricing?

Question 2: What Amazon Advertising Services Do You Offer?

While Google remains the dominant search engine globally, most people do not know that Amazon is a search engine itself, but for online shopping.

The Amazon Advertising Platform includes:

Amazon SEO — Unlike traditional SEO, optimizing for Amazon involves different practices like focusing on individual short tail keywords and placing more emphasis on conversion rather than clicks.

Requisites For An Amazon Digital Agency

While most Amazon marketing agencies offer these services, some specialize in or are more renowned for one or more practices.

Question 3: How Do You Plan To Accomplish Success?

A good data-driven, Amazon digital agency should have a knowledge base gained from working with many clients, covering different Amazon product categories.

  • What are the strategies you’ve already tried?
  • Which strategies were effective — and which weren’t?
  • What are your revenue or growth goals over a specific period (KPIs)?

Question 4: How Does Your Team Gain An Edge?

Here you challenge the agency to differentiate themselves: Why should I choose you over all the others?

Factors to determine an agency’s USPs:

Experience — How long have they been around, and when did they start offering Amazon-specific services? (Remember that Amazon Ads have been around for over 13 years, so an established agency should have several years under their belt).

Question 5: What Can I Expect From My Investment?

While fulfilling the business goals is the end objective, getting there involves meeting a series of milestones.

Points to cover for OKRs:

  • How much are clients involved in the whole process?
  • The time it will take to see results from the strategy or campaign.
  • How do you handle a strategy or campaign that performs below expectations?
  • What happens if you don’t meet the campaign goal at the end of the period?
  • What can I expect my return on investment to be?

Question 6: How Do You Manage Accounts?

This question allows you to identify how well the Amazon digital agency can handle account management. It’s important to know how your account will be managed alongside their other clients.

Question 7: Do You Have Success Stories?

Look beyond the glowing testimonials on their website. Ask for case studies and other ways to substantiate their past successes.



Founder & CEO of Credo (getcredo.com). Veteran digital marketer in Denver. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Skier. Other sites: johnfdoherty.com and singlegeared.com

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John Doherty

John Doherty

Founder & CEO of Credo (getcredo.com). Veteran digital marketer in Denver. Entrepreneur. Traveler. Skier. Other sites: johnfdoherty.com and singlegeared.com